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Jumu'ah at High Barnet Islamic Centre

We welcome you to Jumu'ah salah in Darul Noor Islamic Centre, High Barnet inshaAllah

We have 5 months to complete purchase. In the meantime, we have limited use. This, unfortunately, means that there is a 100 person limit for prayers. Hence why there is a ticket system. We are working hard to increase this.

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  • Please try to arrive 15 mins early as we expect to be busy

  • Space available for brothers and sisters

  • Please come with wudhu

  • There is NO parking available on site

  • Free parking for one hour is available here (5 min walk): Moxon Street Car Park, Victors Way, EN5 5TR

  • Booking required due to temporary capacity restriction until funds are raised for purchase

  • New site address: 1 Bath Place, Hadley, Barnet EN5 5XE

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Jumu'ah Booking Form

Booking is required due to temporary capacity restriction

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New Building Purchase

We need to urgently raise £600,000

For over 4 years we have provided:

  • Weekly Jumu'ah prayers (for men and women)

  • Children's Weekend Madrasah

  • Ramadan Taraweeh prayers

  • Eid prayers

The new building will also allow us to provide facilities for:

  • Daily 5 times congregational prayer

  • Children's Weekday Madrasah

  • Women's activities

  • Adult Islamic classes

  • Da'wah information centre for non-Muslims

  • Nikah and Waleemah venue

  • Plus more!


Donate via Bank Transfer

Please use the below details to make a donation via secure bank transfer:

Account Name: Darul Noor 

Sort Code: 51-61-34

Account Number: 83702806

Children Reading Quran

Children's Madrasah: Every Sunday 10am -12pm

Empowering the next generation

Support the future generations of Muslims

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